Badass Dating Advice for Men & so your Date does not End Even Before it Started!

All relationships start at the first date. Whether or not the first date will actually lead to something more lasting and meaningful depends solely on the couples approach. It does not mater how you ended up on the date, blind date or match making by a friend; breaking ice on the first date is a tricky corner to bend. Men find it a hard nut to crack to come up with topics that might interest a women and keep the conversation alive. To avoid talking about the weather, favorite food/color and other such fillers, keep in mind the following the tao of badass dating advice for men

 Presentation Matters

No one is asking you to get under the knife and come out looking like Robert Downey Junior. However it is important that you go well dressed and perfectly groomed on your date. Women take a lot of effort to look their best on the first date and impress the guy and they expect the gesture to be returned. It does not matter how comfortable you feel in your torn jeans, days old stubble and uncut hair. If out on a date with the intention to impress the lady, you have to clean up. Get your hair neatly trimmed and make sure you shave. 96 percent of woman like men who are clean-shaven and your date too, is likely to be in this 96 percent category.

If all those cigarettes make your teeth yellow and stained, it is a very wise idea to get to a dentist first. Woman or for that matter any hygiene loving individual will gross out the site of yellow, brown teeth. If you think this is overstated, then carry on. Just don’t be disappointed when she runs for her door when you lean in to kiss goodnight. Would you kiss a woman with dirty yellow teeth?

You are a nature lover and love the outdoors. That’s cool, but if all that dirt has settled under your nails, make sure you remove it. No one likes to be touched by someone with dirty nails and hands.

Be Attentive

Don’t become an insufferable narcissistic person. You are out on a date to connect with your partner, not in some beer joint to showoff with your guy friends. No one likes a man who can’t stop talking about himself. Your date will be counting minutes to get rid off you if you don’t stop. Ask her about her life and get to now her better. This will make her feel you are genuinely interested in developing something meaningful with her and she too will try her best to form a connection with you.

If your plan is to get her to speak while your roving eye is checking out every other woman in the room, the chances are high that your date will leave without even saying goodbye. And no, your Ray Bans are not the effective cover you think they are.

Be Chivalrous and Good Humored

Pulling out the chair for your date and letting her order the food are not and never will be out of fashion. These small actions show your date that you are a chivalrous guy, which matters a lot to her.

If you can get her to laugh at your jokes, then consider the date a massive success even if it has just started. Women instantly fall for a man who has a good sense of humor.

The list of badass dating advice for men is endless. The above are some of the key basic set of advice that you must follow to make a good impression.